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Maxillaria triloris x self.

Maxillaria triloris x
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Epidendrum congestoides.

Epidendrum congestoides.
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Here at TOF we work very hard to cultivate some of the finest orchid species available anywhere in the world. Our location on the North Shore of Maui provides an ideal environment for producing unusual and well-grown orchid species, as well as a few interesting hybrids. Modern delivery methods (Federal Express) insure timely and guaranteed safe arrival of plants anywhere in the continental U.S. More details about ordering from TOF are available under Ordering Information.

We invite you to visit the Orchids section to review our current offerings (or try the Index if you'd like to see all our offerings on one page, ordered by genera). Order online or call us Toll-Free. Enjoy the exceptional photography of Masako Cordray found in our Gallery and the interesting and hopefully informative articles, written from our viewpoint, available in the Articles section.

We hope you find this site a useful resource and check back often. Aloha and thanks for your interest in Tropical Orchid Farm.


Oeoniella polystachys.

Oeoniella polystachys.
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Bulbophyllum elbertii 'Natural World' CBR/AOS x self

Bulbophyllum elbertii
'Natural World' CBR/AOS x
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Aerangis punctata.

 Currently Featuring:

Aerangis punctata.

29th Annual Fall Sale Underway!

Our Fall Sale is the event that our customers enjoy the most - and we enjoy it too! It is a win-win for everyone, and a win for orchid conservation as well. Our website has just been updated and our shopping cart can process Sale items.

New items (not on sale) and new photos have also been added. Orchid species enthusiasts know that this is the very best time to get high quality plants for the lowest possible prices. Prices on regular catalog items are reduced 15% – 30%.

All items on sale appear together in a special area of the website (Click on Sale! at the top of the homepage to see just the Sale items).

Sale ends Oct. 31st.

Team T.O.F.

Aerangis punctata.


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