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Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self.

Stanhopea embreei
'Original' x self.
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Oncidium anthocrene.

Oncidium anthocrene.
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Ordering Information

To place an order use our online shopping cart (which automatically calculates shipping, handling and discounts) or call us Toll Free in the USA: 866 572-8569 (It's now 10:06 am in Hawaii). Our fax is 808 572-8917. You may email orders but do not send credit card information with the message. Instead please call us (or fax) with your card information or we will call you.

Adobe PDF Order Form
PDF [ 53 KB ]

A directly printable Order Form (not PDF) is also available.

Shipping Information: We prefer to use FedEx 2nd Day Service from Hawaii, however, we will use the US Postal Service if requested. There ia a $12.00 handling charge on all orders. Shipping charges will be added to this handling charge as follows:

$25  - $200add 15% of the value of the plants*
$201  - $500add 12% of the value of the plants*
$501  and overadd 10% of the value of the plants*
(*before any discounts)

Shipping calculations are based on an item's regular price (even if the item is on sale). For FedEx Standard Overnight (not usually necessary - we've been very happy with the FedEx 2nd Day Service) add an additional $10.00.

$100  - $250minus 5% of the value of the plants*
$251  - $500minus 10% of the value of the plants*
$501  - $750minus 15% of the value of the plants*
$751  - $1000minus 20% of the value of the plants*
$1001  and overminus 25% of the value of the plants*
(*before any other costs)

Only non-sale (regular price) items are eligible for the additional volume order discount.

Our nursery is certified for exporting to mainland, U.S.A. by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Only healthy plants will be sent. Minimum order $40.00 (plus shipping and handling). Send payment with order or call (do not send credit card information by email): personal check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or DinersClub.

The State of Arizona requires all orchid plants to be chemically treated in Kahului, HI before the Agricultural inspectors in order to get a special Phyto Certificate. For this reason, at this time we are not shipping to the State of Arizona.

Foreign shipments: we have our C.I.T.E.S. Certificate to ship orders internationally. There will be extra charges, however, so please contact us for the details.

Puerto Rico: Orders to Puerto Rico containing 12 plants or less do not require a Phytosanitary Certificate. However, orders with 12 plants or more DO require a Phytosanitary Certificate. The additional cost for a Phytosanitary Certificate is $10.00.

We guarantee that we will ship you only healthy, vigorous plants.

In the RARE INSTANCE where the shipment has been mishandled by the shipper, please notify us and the shipper immediately and we will do whatever is necessary to alleviate any problems.

Tropical Orchid Farm, Inc. shall be responsible only for the purchase price of each plant sold. We make no warranty, expressed or implied as to the productiveness of any plant sold as a result of this or any other offering.

Cattleya labiata `Tipo' x sib.

Cattleya labiata `Tipo' x
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Cischweinfia sheehaniae.

Cischweinfia sheehaniae.
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