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Phalaenopsis honghenensis 'Natural World' x self.

Phalaenopsis honghenensis
'Natural World' x self.
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Cirrhopetalum auratum 'Other World' CHM/AOS.

Cirrhopetalum auratum
'Other World' CHM/AOS.
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Dendrobium aberrans.

Dendrobium aberrans.
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Dendrochilum wenzelii `Yellow'

Dendrochilum wenzelii
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Bulbophyllum putidum 'Natural World'

Bulbophyllum putidum
'Natural World'
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Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self.

Stanhopea embreei
'Original' x self.
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Aerangis punctata.

Aerangis punctata.
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Cattleya maxima `Natural World' JC/AOS x self.

Cattleya maxima `Natural
World' JC/AOS x self.
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Neofinetia falcata.

Neofinetia falcata.
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Schomburgkia splendida 'Natural World' AM/AOS x self

Schomburgkia splendida
'Natural World' AM/AOS x
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Angraecum didieri x self.

Angraecum didieri x self.
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Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self.

Stanhopea embreei
'Original' x self.
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Spathoglottis lobbii (syn. affinis)

Spathoglottis lobbii
(syn. affinis)
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Neofinetia falcata.

Neofinetia falcata.
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Angraecum germinyanum.

Angraecum germinyanum.
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Dendrobium formosum var. giganteum.

Dendrobium formosum var.
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Dendrobium toressae.

Dendrobium toressae.
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Cattleya intermedia coerulea x self.

Cattleya intermedia
coerulea x self.
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Nageliella purpurea.

Nageliella purpurea.
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Cattleya gaskelliana var. concolor 'Natural World' x self.

Cattleya gaskelliana var.
concolor 'Natural World'
x self.
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Pleurothallis restrepioides 'Dragonstone'.

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 TOF3404Aerangis punctata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3391Angraecum didieri x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3511Angraecum dollii x sib Learn More
 TOF3281Angraecum eichlerianum x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3105Angraecum germinyanum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF154AAngraecum leonis. Learn More
 TOF2822Angraecum longicalcar. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3208Angraecum pseudofilicornu x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3333Angraecum sesquipedale `Kelly Watson' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD424Angraecum subulatum Learn More
 TOF2841Arpophyllum giganteum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2988Barkeria whartoniana. Learn More
 TOF2758Bollea ecuadorana Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3185Brassavola digbyana `Laura' x self. Learn More
 TD363Brassavola perrinii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD493Brassia maculata Learn More
 TOF3345Broughtonia domingensis (Laeliopsis domingensis). Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3345Broughtonia domingensis (Laeliopsis domingensis). Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3419Bulbophyllum A-doribil Candy Ann  Learn More   w/Photo
 TD389Bulbophyllum annandalei `Natural World' AM/AOS. Learn More
 TD7Bulbophyllum barbigerum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD287Bulbophyllum brienianum. Learn More
 TD9Bulbophyllum Daisy Chain. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD242Bulbophyllum elassoglossum `Jo's Gift'. Learn More
 TOF3161Bulbophyllum elbertii 'Natural World' CBR/AOS x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TD107Bulbophyllum fraudulentum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2975Bulbophyllum frostii x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TD239Bulbophyllum lasiochilum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD403Bulbophyllum levanae #2. Learn More
 TD405Bulbophyllum maquilingense Learn More   w/Photo
 TD197Bulbophyllum masdevalliaceum. Learn More
 TD392Bulbophyllum oxypterum. Learn More
 TD452Bulbophyllum putidum 'Natural World' Learn More   w/Photo
 TD386Bulbophyllum rothschildianum `Geoff'. Learn More
 TD232Bulbophyllum rothschildianum ‘A-Doribil’ FCC/AOS.  Learn More   w/Photo
 TD406Bulbophyllum sp. #3 Vietnam. Learn More
 TOF3308Calanthe vestita `White' x self. Learn More
 TOF3221Catasetum expansum `Original' x sib. `Red Lip' Learn More
 TOF2237Cattleya walkeriana var. coerulea `Monte Azul' x self. Learn More
 TOF3045Cattleya aclandiae 'Natural World' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2936Cattleya bowringiana 'One In A Million" JC/AOS x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3124Cattleya bowringiana v. coerulea `Blue Angel' HCC/AOS x self. Learn More
 TOF2807Cattleya dormaniana x self Learn More
 TOF3382Cattleya gaskelliana var. concolor 'Natural World' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3248Cattleya guatemalensis `Guayaba x self. Learn More
 TOF3285Cattleya intermedia coerulea `Gran Blue' x self Learn More
 TOF2959Cattleya intermedia coerulea x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3042Cattleya kerrii x C. kerrii `Michael' AM/AOS. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3304Cattleya labiata `Tipo' x sib. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2992Cattleya labiata coerulea `Azulae' x self Learn More
 TOF2946Cattleya lawrenceana `New-Really Nice' x self. Learn More
 TOF3190Cattleya leuddemanniana (Fennels x Jungle Prince) x self. Learn More
 TOF3147Cattleya loddigesii `Aranda' AM/AOS x sib. `Martinelli' Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3341Cattleya loddigesii 'Aranda' AM/AOS x self. Learn More
 TOF3082Cattleya maxima `Natural World' JC/AOS x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3072Cattleya maxima var. coerulea 'Natural World' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3369Cattleya nobilior rubra x self Learn More
 TOF3250Cattleya nobilior `Dark Clone' x self. Learn More
 TOF3316Cattleya percivaliana coerulea `Happy Birthday' x self Learn More
 TOF2782Cattleya schilleriana 'Tipo' Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2904Cattleya skinneri f. delicata `Teresita de Pizzaro' x self. Learn More
 TOF3206Cattleya violacea `Orquiven' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3375Cattleya violacea semi alba (Icabaru' x sib. `Hector Luis') x self. Learn More
 TOF3081Cattleya warscewiczii alba `Firmin Lambeau' FCC/AOS x warscewiczii alba `Kathleen', AM/AOS. Learn More
 TD433Ceratostylis philippinensis. Learn More
 TD422Chondrorhyncha caloglossa 'Natural World' Learn More
 TD3Cirrhopetalum auratum 'Other World' CHM/AOS. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD5Cirrhopetalum pulchellum. Learn More
 TD329Cirrhopetalum sp. “Bronze Pseudobulbs”. Learn More
 TOF1567Cischweinfia rostrata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF1487Cischweinfia sheehaniae. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3108Cochleanthes amazonica 'Natural World' x sib 'H.O.F. #1' Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3479Coryanthes fieldingii. Learn More
 TOF3541Coryanthes picturata x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3446Coryanthes trifoliata x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3446Coryanthes trifoliata x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3114Dendrobium aberrans. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3441Dendrobium crocatum x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3073Dendrobium formosum var. giganteum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3400Dendrobium glomeratum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3303Dendrobium lasianthera 'Sepic Blue'. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3413Dendrobium leporinum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD335Dendrobium lichenastrum v. prenticei. Learn More
 TOF3066Dendrobium loddigesii Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF526Dendrobium pachyphyllum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3347Dendrobium sanderae var. major. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3300Dendrobium shiraishii 'Natural World' x self Learn More
 TOF3102Dendrobium stratiotes. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3261Dendrobium tanii 'Dark Pink' x sib 'Pink'. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD370Dendrobium toressae. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD411Dendrochilum luzonense. Learn More
 TOF2895Dendrochilum propinquum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD414Dendrochilum tenellum Learn More
 TD412Dendrochilum wenzelii `Yellow' Learn More   w/Photo
 TD410Dendrochilum wenzelii v. alba Learn More
 TD408Dendrochilum wenzelii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2374Dimorphorchis rossii x self. Learn More
 TOF3426Dockrillia teretifolia x sib. Learn More
 TOF2998Encyclia boothiana Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3354Encyclia parkeri `Natural World' CHM/AOS x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TD14Encyclia polybulbon. Learn More
 TOF1801Epidendrum congestoides. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3267Epidendrum difforme `Natural World' x self. Learn More
 TD217Epidendrum longirepens. Learn More
 TOF2836Epidendrum parkinsonianum. Learn More
 TOF3212Epidendrum pfavii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3409Eria ornata 'Natural World' x self. Learn More
 TOF3112Eurychone rothschildiana x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD487Gomesa sp. 'Jeff's' Learn More
 TOF3000Gongora gratulabunda `Yellow' x self. Learn More
 TOF3459Grosourdya muscosa x self. Learn More
 TD68Habenaria rhodocheila. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD477Kefersteinia auriculata Learn More
 TD339Kefersteinia costaricensis 'Natural World' Learn More
 TD365Kefersteinia parvilabris Learn More
 TOF3139Laelia cinnabarina x self. Learn More
 TD337Laelia dayana `Harfords' AM/AOS. Learn More
 TOF3052Laelia purpurata var. anelata x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2912Liparis grossa ‘Natural World’ x self.  Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3279Lycaste (skinneri x brevispatha) x brevispatha Learn More
 TD268Masdevallia attenuata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF1749Masdevallia exquisita x Masdevallia auropurpurea. Learn More
 TOF2986Masdevallia imposter. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD195Maxillaria elatior. Learn More
 TD388Maxillaria sp. #7 Panama. Learn More
 TOF2465Maxillaria uncata 'Lineas Rojas'. Learn More
 TD85Mediocalcar decoratum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3089Miltonia spectabilis `Royalty', AM/AOS x sib. Learn More
 IK1914Miltoniopsis Maui Spring `Bright Eyes' x Mps. Maui Star `Golden Ray' Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3326Myrmecophila albopurpurea x self. Learn More
 TOF3065Nageliella purpurea. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD73NNeobenthamia gracilis. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2860Neofinetia falcata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2929Oeoniella polystachys. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3295Oerstedella centradenia. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3280Oncidium anthocrene. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3238Oncidium edwallii Learn More
 TOF690Oncidium velutinum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD426Paphiopedilum callosum v. thailandense Learn More   w/Photo
 IK1703Paphiopedilum delenatii v. alba `Sparkling Diamond', HCC/AOS x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD496Paphiopedlium Bernice x Paph. armeniacum Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF1281Pelatantheria insectifera. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3231Phalaenopsis celebensis. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3376Phalaenopsis honghenensis 'Natural World' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2589Phalaenopsis maculata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2984Phalaenopsis tetraspis Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3336Phalaenopsis viridis x self. Learn More
 TD79Physothallis cylindrica. Learn More
 TD114Platystele reflexa. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3067Plectrelminthus caudatus. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD318Pleurothallis costaricensis. Learn More
 TD372Pleurothallis fustifera Learn More
 TD28Pleurothallis hemirhoda. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD210Pleurothallis janetiae. Learn More
 TOF1829Pleurothallis johnsonii Learn More   w/Photo
 TD59Pleurothallis luctuosa. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD269Pleurothallis pacayana. Learn More
 TOF2900Pleurothallis prolifera. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD22Pleurothallis restrepioides 'Dragonstone'. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD127Pleurothallis rowleei. Learn More
 TD260Pleurothallis ruberrima 'Peru'. Learn More
 TD307Pleurothallis sp. #5. Learn More
 TOF1704Pleurothallis stricta. Learn More
 TOF1780Pleurothallis tonduzii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD116Restrepia brachypus 'Yellow Background'. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD459Restrepia mendozae Learn More
 TD1Restrepia striata. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD469Rhipidoglossum xanthopollinium. Learn More
 TOF2990Rodriguezia batemanii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD126Scaphosepalum anchoriferum 'Fortuna Rojo'. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD310Scaphosepalum cimex. Learn More
 TD123Scaphosepalum decorum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD125Scaphosepalum fimbriatum. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD33Scaphosepalum grande. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD90Scaphosepalum microdactylum. Learn More
 TD70Scaphosepalum rapax. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD312Scaphosepalum swertifolium ‘Yellow Form’. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3329Schombocattleya Louise Fuchs `Weesie' x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2873Schomburgkia brysiana `Robert' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3017Schomburgkia exaltata Orange `Arnilicious' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3038Schomburgkia lueddemannii `Really Really Nice' x self. Learn More
 TOF2994Schomburgkia rosea `P' x self Learn More
 TOF2718Schomburgkia splendida 'Natural World' AM/AOS x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2677Sobralia callosa. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD484Sobralia decora alba 'Natural World' Learn More
 TOF3243Sophronitis cernua. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3247Spathoglottis kimballiana HCC/AOS x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD391Spathoglottis lobbii (syn. affinis) Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2700Spathoglottis plicata var. alba. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3093Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3233Stanhopea nigroviolacea `Aztec Gold' x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD144Stelis morganii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF1810Stelis sp. 'Monteverde'. Learn More
 TOF3115Stenocoryne aurea-fulva. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD434Tolumnia sylvestris `Natural World' CCE/AOS Learn More
 TOF2739Trichoglottis smithii. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF2818Trichopilia hennisiana. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD394Trichosalpinx rotundata. Learn More
 TOF3414Vanda Eisenhower `Huelo Sun' AM/AOS x self. Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF3274Vanda testacea `Bryon' x self Learn More   w/Photo
 TOF1650Zootrophion endressianus. Learn More   w/Photo
 TD309Zootrophion griffin Learn More
 TD122Zootrophion hypodiscus. Learn More

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