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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF2889 Maxillaria triloris x self.
Maxillaria triloris x self.

 Unbelievable species (does eventually get pretty large). In this variety the large flowers (4 inches) are yellow with red on sepals and petals. Can have a lot of flowers, singly-borne on erect spikes.  
3.50" pot

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TOF2465 Maxillaria uncata 'Lineas Rojas'.
Costa Rica.
No Image Available

 Small “miniature” epiphyte has a nice habit – clumping with narrow spiky leaves. Numerous small (1/2”) flowers peak out from the foliage. Cream with the lineas rojas – red stripes. Cute, easy. 
2.00" pot / B.S.

Bargain on a great little species
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TD85 Mediocalcar decoratum.
Papua New Guinea.
Mediocalcar decoratum.

 Fabulous genus - 53 species have been described from mountainous New Guinea, but perhaps this should be reduced to less than 15. Small creeping or clumping epiphytes with many small colorful bell-shaped flowers. This one has orange blooms with yellow tips, like candy corn. M. decoratum is apparently from a little lower elevation and warmer-tolerant, so grows very well. Forms beautiful specimens rapidly - we just received a CCE/AOS for our plant! 
2.00" pot / N.B.S.

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TOF3089 Miltonia spectabilis `Royalty', AM/AOS x sib.
No Image Available

 Warm Miltonia. This is the Moreliana form – exceptional large beautiful lavender flowers are dark burgundy with full shaped rose-colored lips which have dark burgundy veins. Makes nice specimen plants.  
3.50" pot / N.B.S.

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TOF3326 Myrmecophila albopurpurea x self.
(Schomburgkia albopurpurea)
Grand Cayman Island..
No Image Available

 “Mini” Schomburgkia can bloom at a small size. Compact pseudobulbs grow to 6” tall. Cluster of 10 or more white or cream flowers with dark purple on lip. In the habitat, it grows on scrubby trees near the ocean and is even subjected to salt spray. Light-loving species. Easy.  
2.00" empty pot
3.50" empty pot

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 100 - 104 of 162
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