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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF2804 LC. Antonetta Mahan `Alpha' x Cattleya warscewiczii
LC. Antonetta Mahan `Alpha' x Cattleya warscewiczii

 The late hybridizer extraordinaire Mr. Fukumura and I imported this "showy" Japanese hybrid back in the early 90's. (Lc. Marcia Foster x C. J.A. Carbone) I wanted to do something with the plant in remembrance of Fuku. I decided to go back to species and so used a new vividly-colored C. warscewiczii that I have ('Colon' x 'Marchita'). Not the usual product line for T.O.F., but should be worthwhile (the cross already is attracting attention in Japan). Photo courtesy of Japan Orchid Growers Assn. Very limited  
3.50" pot

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TD138 Lepanthopsis astrophora 'Stalky'.
Lepanthopsis astrophora 'Stalky'.

 One of my favorite pleuro's. Many spikes shoot out of miniature clumpy plants. Tiny star-shaped flowers are a beautiful clear wine-purple color. Easily grow it into a specimen - really nice. 
1.00" pot / B.S.

a T.O.F. favorite!
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TOF2912 Liparis grossa ‘Natural World’ x self.
Taiwan and Philippines. .
Liparis grossa ‘Natural World’ x self.

 “The Compact Liparis”. Very worthwhile! Truly cute small compact plants put up several erect spikes with many reddish-orange flowers which last. Very attractive miniature pot-plant! Recommended. 
3.50" pot / B.S.

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TOF3037 Lycaste x cobanii `Vera Cruz', CBR/AOS x self.
Lycaste x cobanii `Vera Cruz', CBR/AOS x self.

 Natural hybrid of Lyc. cruenta and Lyc. cochleata. (Lyc. x cobanii Oakely) Temperature-tolerant plant has tons of yellow and yellow-orange two-tone flowers on deciduous bulbs.  
2.50" pot

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TD262 Masdevallia amplexa.
Tingo Maria, Peru..
No Image Available

 A “miniature” plant, said to be cool growing, but does very well in our rather warm setting. Beautiful successive 2” maroon-red flowers with yellow tails are held well above the leaves on erect spikes. A winner.  
2.00" pot / B.S.
Spiking Now!

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 94 - 98 of 186
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