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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF3093 Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self.
Stanhopea embreei 'Original' x self.

 One of the most beautiful Stanhopeas. White porcelain with yellow "eye". Rare. Hardy species. Mature plants have many flowers per spike. 
3.00" pot
3.50" pot

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TD144 Stelis morganii.
Stelis morganii.

 Neat species has a climbing habit with multitudes of cream colored flowers. Nice - easy. 
2.00" pot / B.S.

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TOF1810 Stelis sp. 'Monteverde'.
(Stelia argentata)
Costa Rica.
No Image Available

 This has been identified as Stelis argentata also, but is very different from the others we are offering. This has larger flowers with variable colors - dusky rose to yellow. Many sprays with nice flower arrangement. Great introduction to the pleurothallids. 
2.00" pot / N.B.S.

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TOF3115 Stenocoryne aurea-fulva.
(Bifrenaria aureo-fulva)
Stenocoryne aurea-fulva.

 Small sized warm-growing epiphyte with strongly four-sided pseudobulbs and plicate leaves has 3 – 15 one-inch solid-orange flowers with red-striping in lip.  
2.50" pot / N.B.S.

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TD434 Tolumnia sylvestris `Natural World' CCE/AOS
Hispanola and Cuba..
No Image Available

 This is a division of our CCE/AOS plant which received Best In Show and the Governor's Trophy at our big County Fair Show a few years back. It had 1400 flowers at that time!. The pink color is pale, the value of this cultivar is really in the floriferousness and ease of culture. T. sylvestris carries more flowers per spike than other similar species. These low-elevation species grow dry and bright in bushes, grass, and on dead trees and cactus. For this reason we grow them hanging in empty net pots. The CCE plant hadn’t been touched n 15 years and was basically growing in mid-air.  
3.50" pot Nice clumpy plants! / B.S.

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 146 - 150 of 157
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