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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF3052 Laelia purpurata var. anelata.
Laelia purpurata var. anelata.

 Purpuratas are making a comeback, now that folks are showing off their unbelievable specimen plants! This variety has flowers that are white with a ring of lavender of varying intensities, on the inside basal part of the lip (the name is derived from the word annulus). In the throat, the color is yellow with radiating lavender lines. Nice. Very limited. Extraordinarily beautiful variety.  
3.50" pot Limited,

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TOF2912 Liparis grossa ‘Natural World’ x self.
Taiwan and Philippines. .
Liparis grossa ‘Natural World’ x self.

 “The Compact Liparis”. Very worthwhile! Truly cute small compact plants put up several erect spikes with many reddish-orange flowers which last. Very attractive miniature pot-plant! Recommended. 
3.50" pot / B.S.

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TD268 Masdevallia attenuata.
Masdevallia attenuata.

 Small warm to cool growing epiphyte. Single flowers on 3” long inflorescence. Waxy 1” white long-lasting flowers with bright yellow tails. Yellow radiating lines in the tube of the flower. Very good species.  
2.00" pots / B.S.

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TOF1749 Masdevallia exquisita x Masdevallia auropurpurea.
No Image Available

 Cute, lots of medium-size flowers. Cream with red center, yellow tails. 
2.25" pot / B.S.

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TOF2986 Masdevallia imposter.
Masdevallia imposter.

 Large narrow flowers on tall spikes are red with yellow tipped dorsal, white tails. Keeps blooming from same spikes. Good Masdevallia, easy to grow and flower. Almost always in flower or spiking. 
2.00" pot / B.S.

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 102 - 106 of 173
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