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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF2718 Schomburgkia splendida 'Natural World' AM/AOS x self
Schomburgkia splendida 'Natural World' AM/AOS x self

 Fantastic awarded cultivar! Update: Doing more research into this; this would be the plant erroneously called S. splendida var. Cauca, not the true S. splendida. The Award still holds and we will publish the correct name when we learn it. You can see several pictures of the Cauca variety on the Internet. Varnished, deep, almost black, wine red flowers and large, nearly petal-like pink bracts. Spikes can each a meter in length and carry 10-15 flowers. Grows in nature in sunny locations along rivers in low forests.  
3.50" pot

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TOF3036 Schomburgkia tibicinis
Mexico through Nicaragua..
No Image Available

 (Myrmecophila tibicinis) Giant-sized hot growing epiphyte has long inflorescences with heads of many successively-opening heads of three-inch fragrant orangey and magenta flowers.  
2.50" empty pot

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TD393S Sievekingia marsupialis.
No Image Available

 Really neat species in the Stanhopea family. This one has clusters of cream-colored flowers with striking orange lips. Desirable medium-sized warm-growing species.  
3.50" pot One only. / B.S.

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TOF2677 Sobralia callosa.
Sobralia callosa.

 If you always wanted to grow Sobralias but were put off by their large size - then this is for you. This "mini-Sobralia" also happens to have the brightest hot pink colored flowers! Good-sized blossoms too. The mature parent plant is now about 18" tall and very clumpy. I think it had around 45 flowers at once displayed beautifully around the plant. Beautiful interesting foliage too. As you know, Sobralia flowers are short lived (one or two days) but plant blooms over and over from the same canes throughout a season (Fall/Winter). We are the first to propagate this rare and desirable species from seed.  
3.50" pot / B.S.

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TOF3243 Sophronitis cernua.
Sophronitis cernua.

 Dwarf sophronitis is really fun and easier to grow than others (warm-tolerant). Beautiful little plants stay small but clumpy. 2 to 7 flowers (1 1/8"), are a sparkling cinnabar red with yellow at base of lip. Several flowering seasons. 
2.00" empty net pot / N.B..S.

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 158 - 162 of 173
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