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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TD487 Gomesa sp. 'Jeff's'
No Image Available

 Interesting genus of 9 or so species from Brazil. This puts on tremendous shows when grown into a specimen. Numerous yellow flowers, with the unique Gomesa shape, on many pendant spikes. Considering its closely-spaced pseudobulbs, this is likely from the G. recurva alliance - maybe G. recurva or G. planifolia. Showy. 
3.50" pot Large plants / B.S.

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TOF3028 Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum x self.
Borneo, Philippines, Fiji.
Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum x self.

 Large hot-growing species puts on tremendous displays of long-lasting flowers on beautiful sprays. 2" closely-spaced flowers are green or yellow-green, and are sometimes carried up to 100 on a spike. Our big plants (that we keep for our big orchid show) will have 10 -20 spikes. This is really good for the Show at the beginning of October - we can count on having these in bloom, and because they are long-lasting, there is some leeway with the timing.  
3.50" pot One only

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TOF3459 Grosourdya muscosa x self.
No Image Available

 Miniature warm-growing epiphyte is very cute. Small fan-shaped plants look a little like a Phalaenopsis species. Puts on stunning displays of small red-brown speckled flowers. Flowers last only a day or two, but it not a stretch to say that these put on displays many times throughout the year. Rare opportunity – please don’t miss it!!  
2" net pot / B.S.

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TD477 Kefersteinia auriculata
No Image Available

 Small warm-growing fan-shaped epiphyte from wet forest. Many 1" flowers on single-flowered inflorescences from base of plant. White with red blotching on petals, red pollen cap. Almost always in bloom. Very limited. 
3.00" pot Nice, bushy plants! / B.S.

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TD339 Kefersteinia costaricensis 'Natural World'
Costa Rica.
No Image Available

 Very limited. Miniature fan-shaped plants from shady wet (warm) forests, has several short inflorescenses bearing single 1" flowers which are white with dark pink speckling on petals and lip. 
2.50" pot Two only / B.S.

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 76 - 80 of 154
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