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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF2766 Aerangis citrata x sib.
Aerangis citrata x sib.

 One of our most successful species. Really rewarding. Dwarf epiphytic species is very floriferous. Multiple long sprays have numerous white or cream flowers. Beautiful foliage. Very adaptable species, as it is found from sea level up to 4900 ft. Grow shady. Slight lemon fragrance.  
2.00" pot / B.S.
Spiking Now!
2.50" pot Larger plants / B.S.
Spiking Now!

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TOF3142 Aerangis luteo-alba v. rhodosticta.
Ethiopia to Angola..
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 Widespread but not common. Attractive miniature angraecoid has arching sprays of white or cream flowers contrasted by a red column. Quite a project to grow these from seed- believe me! Subject to some minor leaf blemishes. Limited.  
2.00" empty pot / B.S.

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TOF2820 Anacheilium sceptrum.
Anacheilium sceptrum.

 Acquired as A. wallisii and recently sold as Anacheilium sp. `Rare Nice'. Smallish plants have 10” erect spikes of several upside-down flowers.  
2.50" empty pot

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TOF3105 Angraecum germinyanum.
Angraecum germinyanum.

 Not easy to come by these days and we have struggled to produce only a few plants. A. germinyanum has many forms as described by the late Fred Hillerman in his landmark 'The Cultivated Orchids of Madagascar'. Our species is perhaps closest to var. #11. "The position of the sepals and petals and large lip has to be seen to be appreciated, and it has an overpowering elegance not found in many flowers." (Hillerman, 1986) Beautiful plants are 7+" tall and starting to keiki at base of plant. 
3.50" empty pot / B.S.

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TOF2822 Angraecum longicalcar.
Angraecum longicalcar.

 Extraordinary species. One of the longest spur nectaries in the orchid kingdom accommodates the moth pollinator's 16" long tongue! Large plants have elegant spikes with up to 12 flowers each. Non-resupinate blossoms have showy waxy white lip and light green sepals - petals. The greenish spur hangs down beneath each flower 16 inches! "Conveys the impression of strength, viability, nobility, and grandeur, and in our opinion makes an ideal specimen plant." (Hillerman, 1986) Highly scented at night. Prefers brighter light.  
3.50" pot
5.00" pot

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 1 - 5 of 190
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