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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TD430 Acanthephippium mantinianum.
Acanthephippium mantinianum.

 This is really unbelievable and is a must if you can handle the large-size. Very easy-to-grow large terrestrial grows in shaded locations in low mountains. Highly-fragrant dramatic, somewhat-tubular fleshy flowers are yellow with bright red striping. Blooms also are very long-lasting. Never fails to amaze! Botanical Plate by Lucien Linden & Emile Rodigas, «Lindenia Iconographie des Orchidées» [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. 
3.50" pot One Only! / B.S.
5.00" pot One only
7.00" pot One only / B.S. Xlarge plants

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TOF3404 Aerangis punctata.
Aerangis punctata.

 Punctata (not the similar cornowiana). Dwarf species has quite large (for plant) cream to white flowers with long spur which is nicely coiled-up at bud stage. Unusual "silver-gray" foliage. Although more or less blooming size, these are tiny plants in 1" pots. Please make sure you know what you are ordering. 
1.00" empty pot / N.B.S.

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TOF2777 Aeranthes (grandiflora x arachnitis) x self
Aeranthes (grandiflora x arachnitis) x self

 Now named Aeranthes Wossner Grunfinken (registered in 2013). Really worthwhile hybrid. In bloom much of the time, yellow green flowers bloom successively on long thin wires that dangle down. The photo here is of one of the parents, Aeranthes grandiflora. 
2.50" pot One only / B.S.

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TOF3391 Angraecum didieri x self.
Angraecum didieri x self.

 Miniature to small-sized epiphyte can be grown under a wide variety of conditions. Large (2 -2 ½”) white flowers are night-fragrant. Easy.  
2.00" pot

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TOF828 Angraecum distichum.
Angraecum distichum.

 Dwarf clumping epiphyte has unique distichous habit of stems of overlapping compressed leaves. Small pristine white flowers appear along the stems at the leaf nodes. Fragrant. Very Limited. 
2.00" pot / B.S.

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 1 - 5 of 188
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