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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF3354 Encyclia parkeri `Natural World' CHM/AOS x self
Encyclia parkeri `Natural World' CHM/AOS x self

 Newly-described species has been dedicated to our own Jeffrey Parker. Award is for horticultural merit – it is showy with dense branched sprays of numerous blossoms on erect multiflowered panicles. The green and gold flowers are a little larger than 1” across. Obviously we are excited to have this.  
2.00" pot
3.50" pot

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TOF1388 Encyclia tampensis var. alba x sib var. semi-alba 'CASEY'S'.
No Image Available

 These flowers came out more like the semi-alba variety - greenish yellow with a spot of crimson on the lips. 'Casey's' is a really nice cultivar. 
3.50" pot One only / B.S.

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TOF3111 Epidendrum ilense x sib.
Coastal Ecuador..
Epidendrum ilense x sib.

 Virtually extinct in the wild. Showy and blooms all the time. Panicles of white & bronze flowers hang down. Outrageous large "fringed" lips. Our plants are growing well, but may have some leaf blemishes.  
2.50" pot One only.

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TOF3019 Epidendrum jasminosmum.
Epidendrum jasminosmum.

 New species (2005) is a hot-warm growing large epiphyte with magnificent large branched sprays of up to 150 white flowers. Supposedly fragrant (the Jasmine-Scented Epidendrum) - we have not actually noticed this but perhaps like Jasmine, it is night-fragrant.  
3.50" pot One only / B,S.

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TD217 Epidendrum longirepens.
No Image Available

 "The Far Crawling Epidendrum". Miniature mat-forming plants with plump ridgid foliage. Many greenish waxy flowers have a red suffusion. Very nice, quality species.  
2" small mounts

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 71 - 75 of 148
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