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 B.S. = Blooming Size
N.B.S. = Near Blooming Size

TOF3333 Angraecum sesquipedale `Kelly Watson' x self.
Angraecum sesquipedale `Kelly Watson' x self.

 Blooms around Christmas – ‘Star of Bethlehem’. Large fragrant waxy flowers roughly have white lips and petals and greenish sepals. 12” long spurs hang down beneath the flowers.  
2.50" pot

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TD424 Angraecum subulatum
No Image Available

 Unusual branched terete growth habit. Many small white flowers (somewhat similar to those of Ang. distichum). Nicely fragrant. Limited. 
3.00" pot One only / B.S.

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TOF2841 Arpophyllum giganteum.
Mexico through Colombia..
Arpophyllum giganteum.

 The Candlestick Orchid. Large-growing plants produce beautiful tight cylinders of many small closely spaced light pink flowers with dark pink lips. Not many companies have produced this from seed. "A genus of great antiquity." (Withner, 1998) 
3.00" pot

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TOF2988 Barkeria whartoniana.
Oaxaca, Mexico..
No Image Available

 Small-size lithophyte or epiphyte found in hot dry deciduous forests and around rock outcroppings. Tall erect spikes carry several pink flowers with lavender in the petals and lavender markings on lips. Nowadays I depend on Barkerias to add to my display plants for our big Fall orchid show. Small N.B.S. plants. Very limited. 
2.00" empty net pot / Two only

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TOF2758 Bollea ecuadorana
Bollea ecuadorana

 Two fine forms have been selected as parents. Fan-shaped growths lacking pseudobulbs produce single-flowered inflorescences from the leaf axils. Blooms are a very unusual and beautiful shade of dark pink. Contrasting bright yellow band across lip. This member of the Bollea/Pescatorea family is really great because its flowers display well (unlike some others in the family) Water year round.  
3.50" pot One only

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  Currently Viewing Orchids: 9 - 13 of 203
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